Why LocalShriners.com?

We’re more than just The Shrine Mosque. Your Springfield-area Shriners are part of Shriners International, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1870 as philanthropic fraternal society. Today, it represents 350,000 members that belong to a network of 195 chapters around the world. And its focus is still philanthropy, generating millions of dollars annually for treatment, education and research of several types of children’s injuries and genetic conditions.

When you choose your next product or service from our list of trusted local Shriners, you’ll get more than an honest deal. You’ll become part of the life-changing work that we support right here in the Ozarks. A portion of the proceeds from this directory will be contributed to the outreach efforts of our local Abou Ben Adhem Shrine. Additionally, a selected group of our Directory members donate a portion of their referral profits to the fund.


When you select a product or service from LocalShriners.com, you’ll support an international organization that makes big impacts right here at home. Learn more below about our worldwide brotherhood, the Shriners Hospitals we support, and learn how to nominate a deserving local patient to receive treatment for their condition at no charge to the family.